Welcome to your one-stop website when seeking a most awesome real estate agent in the San Francisco Bay Area!  While I would like to say that I can personally cover Northern California, I cannot.  My expertise lies in the technology capital of the world, Silicon Valley.  And, even that has expanded past the city limits of San Jose to grow north to San Francisco and to Oakland and surrounding areas of the East Bay. 

It is truly amazing how large "Silicon Valley" has now grown.

Excellence in all things is a habit, according to Aristotle, and my goal with this website is to make it a habit to be excellent when sending and receiving referrals.  Here are my promises to you, recipient and sender of agent referrals:

When sending a referral

  • I will send personal referrals.
  • I will check in only when necessary, not to add tasks to your to-do list.
  • I will happily take back a referral should you feel it is not a match.

When receiving a referral

  • I will happily accept your personal referrals.
  • I will communicate with you.
  • I will update you once I have connected with the referral and after our first appointment, and then again each month until I notify you about being under contract and of course when we close.

As a business owner seeking to constantly improve the process and outcome, please let me know if there are better ways to send you referrals and, or, better ways for me to support you with the referrals you send to me.

To reach me, please